Our Story


Who we are...

We are 3 friends with a love of design and product. 

With a fashion background and tired of working for fast fashion high street brands, churning out the same work season on season, we came together with the dream of starting our own brand. 

We have the same values and vision, wanting to promote timeless and effortless style with a conscience. 

Together with our various skill set and experience, we founded OKOB - Own kind of beautiful. 

Our mission is to create a brand that is inclusive for all which is also kind to the planet - ‘Beauty is what you make of it’


Our journey so far...

Sustainability has become a tool for design innovation and has encouraged the process of clothing to be more than simply beautiful.

At OKOB, we love all fabrics organic and recycled - sourcing something that helps reduce our carbon footprint but does not compromise on hand-feel or quality.

When developing our brand one key element was important to us - This was how we could make fashion more sustainable and create collections that would stand the test of time.

We know that to be a fully sustainable brand this does not happen overnight however, we hope by making these small steps we can make a giant difference.

We strive to be 100% accountable for our sustainable measures - Starting with design and production, to how it is packaged and received by our customers.

Follow our journey with us as we continue to learn and strive to be better for you and the planet.

Our promise...

We are committed to learn, act and adapt wherever possible.

We use eco-friendly/sustainable materials in all of our pieces.

Our collections are manufactured using eco-friendly, low impact processes.

All packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

To offer timeless fashion with a conscious - something that is kind to you and also kind to the planet.


"We hope you enjoy wearing each piece as much as we loved creating them."